Roberto on the delicacy of heroic winemaking

Roberto on the delicacy of heroic winemaking

Heroic winemaking is a great challenge, a great effort, because cultivating the vine under extreme conditions requires agronomic choices, even very delicate ones.

And it's a constant race against time as well, because in this case, it becomes more aggressive and difficult. When it doesn't rain, or in the case of a steep slope, we have a bigger problem.

So it's very important to be punctual in responding to all the stimuli that the plant receives and expresses through very precise signals, such as leaf movement, the direction of the shoots, but also the sense of distress that is especially evident when the grapes are almost ripe.

When we start to see signs that the grapes are beginning to wither not because they are drying up, but because the vine is suffering it needs to bring home reserve substances to ensure it can sprout the following year.

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