Heroic Viticulture

Heroic viticulture is the practice of viticulture in extreme conditions, specifically as defined by CERVIM: at altitudes exceeding 1600 feet, or on slopes exceeding 30% grade, or on terraces or embankments, or on small islands with difficult growing conditions.

The saying goes "they don't put vineyards in ugly places," and the settings of heroic vineyards are indeed often breathtaking.  However, there are many more reasons to protect and encourage vineyards like these.  Preserving wines and legacies is one: in some wine regions, such as the steep slopes of the Rhône and Rhine river valleys, many vineyards have fallen into disrepair or been abandoned because they cannot benefit from many labor saving techniques which can be applied on gentler terrain.  Preserving some of the heritage, and the economy, of these regions by shining a spotlight on the vineyards is one benefit of the focus on heroic viticulture.

However, to the wine drinker, perhaps a more compelling reason is this: heroic viticulture makes more interesting wine.  In the care of the right grapegrower, the conditions of heroic viticulture can apply unusual stress to the vines, creating grapes of unusual depth.  The circumstances of the vineyard affect the grapes, and wine begins with grapes.  Grapes from heroic vineyards, in the hands of the right winemaker, can be made into wines of extraordinary character.

Experience heroic winemaking with Roberto Cipresso's heroic single-vineyard California Pinot Noir.

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