About Roberto Cipresso

Roberto Cipresso is an internationally acclaimed winemaker with 35 years of winemaking experience.  As a “flying winemaker,” Roberto works all over the world, although his home and his family are in Montalcino, in Tuscany.

Roberto’s lifetime of experience has captured the notice of many critics and fans alike. In 2006, the Italian Sommelier Association declared Roberto the “best Italian winemaker.” In 2009, ‘Wine & Spirits’ magazine declared Roberto’s winemaking project in Argentina the “best winery in the world”. In 2013, ‘Wine & Spirits’ similarly declared his Malbec the “best Malbec in the world.” Roberto has continued to collect acclaim, including recognition as a “Cult Oenologist” and frequent invitations to judge wine competitions.

Roberto’s impact on the winemaking world of Europe and South America is profound. He is a frequent guest on podcasts and radio programs in the Italian and Spanish speaking wine world. Roberto is the author of numerous books on the subject of wine, and a pioneer of the style of “heroic viticulture” in which vines are pushed to produce new and rare expressions of the grape by being cultivated in locations which challenge the vines. As an ambassador for the Italian organization CERVIM, which promotes heroic viticulture, he is the driving force behind groundbreaking wines around the world.

  • Direct Access

    Get intimate access to Roberto and team in the vineyard, the winery, and the lab. See the master winemaker in action from Mendoza to Monterey to Montalcino. Enjoy emails and video conferences with the team live as we work to bring you great wine wherever it can be found.

  • Exclusive Wines

    Some of our offerings are extremely limited in quantity and we can only offer them to our dearest supporters. When you're in Club Cipresso, you get access to exclusive selections and extremely limited production from Roberto Cipresso's projects around the world.

  • Events & Travel

    Join us at events in California and around the world. Roberto and team host club members at harvest parties, barrel tastings, wine trade events, and cultural events. Our club members can live inside the world of fine wine alongside Team Cipresso.

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