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Roberto Cipresso

2021 Central Coast Pinot Noir

2021 Central Coast Pinot Noir

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Our signature Pinot Noir.

This is the wine that I dreamed of making when I dreamed of the Central Coast of California.  In my vision, I captured the distinctive elements of the rugged mountains, of the seaward slopes, and the unique geology of the coast ranges and the Pinnacles.

It is important, when making wine, not to think of yourself as the artist, for you might be tempted to do too much.  The wine is the actor - the winemakers job is to provide it all the things required for greatness, to clear aside any obstacles to that fullness, and to make conditions ready so it can move gracefully through its development to completion.  One does not create great wine so much as witness it.

Three different crus contribute to this wine, and in their blend I believe we have achieved the utmost balance, silkiness, and it presents the most luxurious velvety aspect of Pinot Noir.  The higher-elevation grapes from distinct geologies and microclimates have intense flavors and aromas, and the wine is driven and vibrant from start to finish.

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A message from Roberto Cipresso

Dear friends,

I have had the honor to make wine in many countries around the world, although most people know me for my work in Italy with my Brunello di Montalcino and my work in Argentina with Malbec.

No place on earth has the same promise of greatness for Pinot Noir that I found on California's Central Coast.

It has been my great pleasure to get to know the finest growers and select the grapes that will offer you the greatest expressions from this marvelous place.

Wine is an experience worth sharing, and I look forward to sharing these with you.

- Roberto