Club Cipresso

Do you share our passion for wine?

Each bottle of wine we make has been carefully crafted.  We work with a very small number of growers who produce grapes from small parcels, situated in demanding environments, and for some crus, selection is extremely limited.

We are pleased to offer these wines first, and in some cases only, to our dearest supporters.

The current wait time for allocations available for new Club Cipresso members is less than two weeks.


How does it work?

Each quarter, we will examine our current vintage wines and our library of aged wines to determine which bottles are appropriate for release.  We will match your preferences with the wines available at your shipping address, and select a shipment that we believe will be most satisfying.

Shipment selection and cost

Most club members can expect to receive four to six bottles each quarter for between $250 and $500, depending on your level of commitment and your preferences.

Immediate benefits

Access to members-only selections including the single vineyard California Pinot Noir, including the heroic Cienega Valley and the award winning Chalone as well as upcoming Burgundy crus.

Discounted prices on all bottles for club members.

Free domestic shipping for all club orders!

Unparalleled access to the world of wine and the mind of the winemaker!




What is the deposit for?

In order to provide the best level of service to members of Club Cipresso, we'll take the time to get to know your wine knowledge, preferences, and plans before we send your first shipment.  Many of our wines are produced in extremely limited quantities, and demand outstrips supply.  Your deposit allows us to hold aside some bottles which may be to your tastes, and spend the time to become acquainted, before shipping your first selections.  100% of your deposit will be applied to your shipment.

I only want to receive the sparkling wine/white wine/red wine.  Can I do that?

Absolutely.  Your shipments are completely customizable.

What is the minimum commitment for Club Cipresso?

The minimum commitment is $1000 of wine purchases per year of membership.  We understand that this represents a substantial amount of many people's budget for wine and wine clubs.  Many of Roberto's wines are available for direct purchase without a club membership.

Can I change or cancel my club commitment?

You can change or cancel at any time for any reason.

We consider ourselves bound to deliver the finest wines to all our clients to the best of our abilities, and this is made possible by knowing that there is an audience of enthusiasts waiting to enjoy Roberto's work.  We value your enthusiasm and loyalty, but if for whatever reason you find you must make a change, we will accommodate your needs immediately and without reservation.

Can I receive the California Pinot Noirs?

Yes!  All club memberships will receive an allocation of the California Pinot Noir including our single-vineyard Santa Cruz Mountains Pinot Noir, the heroic single-vineyard Cienega Valley Pinot Noir, and the gold medal winning heroic single-vineyard Chalone Pinot Noir.

Can I receive the Burgundy Pinot Noirs?

In some rare cases, the wine may be of such limited quantities that allocations can only be offered to club members based on a waitlist.  Our Burgundy Pinot Noirs including the Hospices de Beaune selections and the Pommard Premier Cru Les Arvelets are in this category.

For some imported wines, we may not be able to deliver the bottles to your shipping address.  Please see the common shipping questions here.  Unfortunately, these are firm rules set forth by the various state governments, and not a policy that we can make exceptions to.  You can, however, choose to have shipments fulfilled to a different address, or contact us to arrange to pick up the bottles or have them hand delivered locally.